About Me



My name is Julia. I’m an illustrator, writer and a skilled dreamer (verified by my 2nd grade primary school teacher who wrote that into my school report).

I grew up with three siblings in a large Irish-Bavarian family – in which we like to mix and mash our languages together. Some examples:

  1. “The water ist fast fertig geboilt.” A Staple phrase in our tea-loving family to indicate that the water is about to boil.
  2. “I hab ge-hoovert” is much quicker to say than “Ich hab gestaubsaugt”.

Unintentionally translating idioms is another language-quirk of mine. What can I say? “Pulling someone through the cocoa” makes perfect sense to me. Friends remind me, that the proper English phrase would be: “to pull somebody’s leg”.

Photographs courtesy of Sebastian Lock

After completing an apprenticeship in marketing, I did the old switcheroo: I went back to school and then on to university to study Design. Today, my main creative fields are Illustration, Language and Media Design as well as Visual Communication.

Besides running this blog, I am pretty obsessed with greeting cards. I printed my first series two years ago. My Piggy Card was just awarded second place in the Show Us! design competition during the Paperworld fair in Frankfurt.

“I like you more than originally planned”

I am also very fond of:

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