Baby, You’re a Rich Cat

$50 million (47 million €)– that’s about how much Grumpy Cat earns in one year. With that, the cat would even top Johnny Depp on the Forbes-List of highest paid celebrities – if the list were not exclusively for humans. The actor earned ‘only’ $48 million (45 million €) in 2016. Though the cat’s owner has repeatedly denied that figure – the feline (probably) still earns more than you and I do!

With the Grumpy Cat meme the feline called Tardar Sauce became an overnight online sensation in September 2012. Since then, his unmistakable facial expression – probably a result of dwarfism – is one of the most used memes on the Internet.

Besides a New York Times-Bestseller, toys and a Christmas TV-Movie (My Grumpy Christmas) you can also enjoy a Grumppuccino – a canned cappuccino available in three different flavours: vanilla, mocha or coffee.

Jealous of the kitty? Meow too!



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