In Conversation: “I love the taste.”

For me – I know this for a fact – if I were to get my own meat, I would be a complete vegetarian. Even if I were to get my own milk, I would probably become vegan.

I enjoy eating meat. Addiction is a heavy word, but meat is kind of an addiction to me. I crave it sometimes. Do I like the taste? I love the taste. There is no doubt about it. But, I do have a burden when I eat it. I feel a bit of guilt because I love animals.

Beef, for example, is the most consumed meat in Bangladesh. I think cows are gorgeous animals. If the picture of a cute cow comes in my head, that’s when I feel a bit guilty.

I am being honest: In the future I do want to go complete vegetarian. I have already reduced my consumption of meat a lot. Also, fakes like 3D-printed meat, I would definitely consume it. If it tasted the same.

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