In Conversation: “Oh, I love spiders!”

Oh, I love spiders! I think they are the most wonderful creatures. They can build these absolutely magnificent constructions. Their cobwebs are incredibly strong and flexible. And, they are huge in comparison to the spider’s size.

They produce webs out of their own bodies. If we humans could do that – I’m not a proponent of Spiderman – it would be absolutely fantastic. Besides, they have eight eyes. I would love to know, what their world looks like. Now, the fact that spiders eat flies isn’t exactly my thing.

I try to leave spiders into my house, especially in winter. I try not to move cobwebs, unless they get really icky. There is this mother spider in my bedroom, just over the door. At least once a year she produces baby spiders. Tiny little ones. And I always leave them there.

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