In Conversation: “There are human issues that need fixing.”

The topic of animals doesn’t concern me very much in my everyday life. But, it doesn’t go past me completely. That’s probably also the reason why I don’t eat meat very often – because I would have to explore the whole issue much more. I should probably do that.

Every now and then I buy a bit of ham. I don’t get it from the supermarket, because I don’t’ know what is in it and how the animals were treated. I prefer to eat vegetables.

Animals certainly have a benefit for humans, if they are used for a specific purpose– say a rescue dog – or as an emotional companion. And I do think that it is important how animals are treated. But, other problems, like humans respecting each other, are more important to me personally.

In my opinion, we should not just think about ourselves. We should realize, that there are inter-human issues that need fixing. For me, animal welfare comes after that. That being said, I think that animals should be treated better.

Responsibility for the environment and society
A nice environment
Human beings respecting each other

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