Kissing Dogs

There is an annual Dog Kissing Contest held in Portland, Maine. And no, this ain’t some dog on dog snogging! It is an inter-species charity competition held every Valentine’s Day. You basically let your canine companion lick your whole face. The longest smooch wins.

Un-fur-turnately it’s not like you’re gonna make big bucks: the prize is a $75 gift certificate (around 70 €) from the organiser, Planet Dog Store in Portland. Minus a $5 entrance fee, every pooch smoocher has to pay! All proceeds go to the Planet Dog Foundation.

Watch the 2013 kissing shabang here:

By the way: the winning kiss lasted for about 41 seconds. The longest man-on-woman-action went on for 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

Bone Appétit!


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