Two Guinea Pigs Minus One Guinea Pig is Two Guinea Pigs?

In Switzerland you can rent a guinea pig as a companion for your newly widowed piggy. As reported, it is illegal to keep a single guinea pig in Switzerland.

So, if you had two of them and one died, technically you would have to get a new one (according to the law). Rather easy to get trapped in a never-ending rotation of guinea pigs!

Enter: Priska Küg. The Swiss animal lover leases guinea pigs as piggy partners. The guinea pigs are leased for a fee of around 50 Swiss Francs (about $49) and, when returned, you get half of the money back. Demand is high: Küg gets about two to three enquiries per week. Some of the guinea pigs stay for only a few weeks, others a few years.

See an interview with Priska Küg (only in Swiss-German):



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