Once a Member, Always a Member

You can acquire a Unicorn Hunting Licence from the Lake Superior State University in Michigan, United States.

The university’s Unicorn Hunters Club created the certificate and guidelines for questing a unicorn. The rules are pretty specific:

  • you cannot use any artificial lighting and the only permitted bait is a virgin, although sweet-talking is allowed.
  • you can hunt anywhere from earth to the moon or the Milky Way.
  • pursuing the horned horses is legal during daylight and dark, except during the tooth fairy’s working hours. Hunting on Valentine’s Day is illegal.
  • you may catch one unicorn per month and it is forbidden to hunt female animals. But: no female has ever been seen, so it is believed that males mate asexually – kind of reminds me of the whole anteater mating myth during the 1700s.
  • the club also recommends a questing kit, which contains a small container of cognac, a large envelope as well as an airmail stamp. Well, duh!

For further details you can see the full list here.

The licence must be worn over the heart and pinned on with a branch of rosemary. You can download a certificate here.

Who enforces these regulations? The Wildebeastle (Mythical) Division of the Department of Natural Unicorns of the Unicorn Hunters of Lake Superior State University.

Unicorn Hunters Club

W. T. Rabe, who was the university’s director of public relations, formed the Unicorn Hunters Club in 1971. The aim was to get more publicity for the college, which today has about 3,000 students.

Other club activities include the burning of a snowman on the first day of spring or an international stone-skipping tournament. They also have a tradition of banishing words on the first day of the year. (Examples of forbidden words on the January 1, 2016: “break the Internet”, “conversation” and “problematic”.) The club also established one of the college’s first literary magazines: The Wood-Runner.

So, let’s gather some virgins and go find us a unicorn!


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